Jim's Views on the Issues

Below are promises made during my first campaign for public office.  Check out "Promises Kept" for updates or check my voting record any time at http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/nhgcrollcalls/

Big Government

In the four years when Democrats controlled the Senate, House and Governor's office (2007-2010) lawmakers put forward close to 4000 new bills and enacted 382 new laws in 2010 alone.  Do we need more than 300 new laws every year?  At this rate of government and regulatory growth how is it possible for the average citizen to know what is legal?  Promoters of this Massachusetts style socialism want adults to wear helmets, fasten seat belts and swim within 150 ft of the shoreline or face penalties.    These laws are frivolous, illogical and ultimately an abuse of State Power.    Many rules and laws, however well-meaning,  have been passed in haste and we are living with unintended consequences.  

As your representative I will resist throwing money and regulation at every perceived problem and work to roll back laws that are over-reaching or obsolete.  I will also support efforts to eliminate or trim back government agencies that have outlived their charter.

Free Enterprise

Once proud of our New Hampshire Advantage, we entered 2011 with some of the highest business taxes in the US.   State regulation and taxing of business has stifled investment and slowed job growth.   Workers don't want short term money from the government that was taken from their employers.  They want to work and they want American businesses to succeed.

As your representative I will work to reduce taxes and regulations on business so they can begin hiring again.  

Property rights

With some of the state and local regulations in force today you cannot erect a shed, a small windmill or even a farm stand without going through lengthy and expensive permitting that can include ten-year background checks and fingerprinting.  The raiding of a private medical insurance fund by the Governor is especially alarming as it continues even after the courts declared it illegal and unconstitutional. This steady assault on freedom must be stopped.   

As your representative I will also oppose the taking of private property except as provided for in the Constitution, by eminent domain and with fair compensation to the owner.

Fiscal Policy and Taxes

In the four years Democrats controlled Concord (2007-2010) our state spending had increased 24%, while other states were reducing spending by 5% on average.    Democrats funded this largess by increasing 100 taxes and fees, raising our bonding debt as a percent of revenue and using one-time federal funds, and an elaborate shell game to move certain items out of sight.  But the numbers are simple, revenues were off by $100M and spending had risen by more than $600M.   With the downshifting of expenses to the towns people are worried about losing the home they paid for because of high property taxes.  Meanwhile the government keeps borrowing money to fund this burgeoning bureaucracy, heaping a mountain of debt on our children.   We are all being asked to live within our means, government should do the same.  

As your representative I will only sign on to a budget that is frugal and balanced. 


Right to Work

No one should be compelled to join a union, especially one that does not allow voting by secret ballot.   If a collective bargaining group is helping workers, they will want join and contribute voluntarily.  

As your representative I will support your right to work.

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Every year Democrats put forward bills to restrict the freedom of NH citizens to own guns.  This fundamental right has a prominent place in our constitution to protect us against tyrannical government.   The beginning of tyranny is when the government decides who can or cannot own guns.   The recent ban on guns in the State House has created another Virginia Tech style public danger zone where we give the advantage to the bad guys.   These anti-gun folks just don’t get it.  “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”.   It really is that simple.  

And, yes, we need to reduce gun accidents and gun related crime.  Safety education and stiff penalties for crimes committed using lethal weapons can accomplish this far better than pretending our rules will be followed by murderers and terrorists.

As your representative I will protect your right to keep and bear arms.

Health Care

This is an increasingly important issue,  and there is incredible misinformation and therefore misunderstanding around the whole topic of health insurance.   Insurance companies cannot drop you from a health plan when you get sick, period.   That is just as illegal as the insurer cancelling your homeowner’s policy because your house burned down.   Advocated as though our $500B Medicaid program did not exist, the new PPACA "Obamacare" law creates 159 new agencies, many duplicating functions of our current system.   Costing an estimated $2-3 trillion per year, the new system will still leave 23 million people uninsured by the year 2019, according to administration estimates.  This is a seriously flawed plan.   Instead of creating a totally new system run by the federal government, reform of Medicaid using consumer choice vouchers and health savings accounts would cover all Americans at a fraction of the cost and cover everyone.

The federal government does have a role to play in fixing health care, but it does not need to be the sole supplier.  Instead, it should provide a framework for true competition and consumer choice to expand coverage and reduce cost using block grants to the states, giving more accountability and control at the state level. When applied to welfare reform, states were able to reduce by two-thirds the number of people on welfare.   This kind of system can work for health care, too, if the States create high-risk pools to keep folks with illness and pre-existing conditions from falling through the cracks.

If elected as your representative, should Republicans at the federal level dismantle the flawed PPACA health care law, I will work for reforms in state law that make health care affordable and sustainable.

Parental Rights and Protecting Children

Since the Democrats took control of Concord they have repealed the Parental Notification Act and refused to consider reasonable alternatives that protect the life and safety of young mothers.  In NH abortionists may perform an abortion on a child without even notifying parents.  This policy not only kills an unborn child, but provides cover for those who would commit statutory rape.  This is not only unconscionable, but is totally illogical when parents must give written consent for a child to go on a school field trip or get an aspirin from the nurse.

As your representative I will co-sponsor parental notification legislation that provides constitutional health protections and will oppose any bill that allows government to supplant parents.

Personal Freedoms

NH, once proud of our independence, resourcefulness and self-sufficiency is marching toward Nanny State status.   Instead of addressing our dire fiscal issues and public policy responsibilities, busybodies in Concord waste their time trying to micro-manage our individual behaviors.  Let’s consider the simple example of bike helmets for cyclists, a high priority every year for many Democrats, promoted as an important public health concern.   In the US about 700 people are killed in bike accidents each year with 70% of these occurring at city intersections.  So, because urban automobile operators broke the law and mowed down a few hundred cyclists, the helmet advocates want to punish victims and further restrict the liberty of 307 million people including all of us in rural NH.   Meanwhile the leading cause of deaths in the US is heart disease, killing 650,000 annually.  Most of these deaths are related to obesity.  The second leading killer is cancer, causing 560,000 deaths.  Here smoking tobacco is the primary culprit.  That means cheeseburgers and cigarettes are hundreds of times more dangerous than riding sans-helmet.   It’s no wonder we have such a shortage of creativity in the government with policy makers wasting time micro-managing the activities of law-abiding citizens.   Resources wasted on helmet law enforcement would be better spent educating overweight people and smokers.   Forward thinking companies have shown that there is a real return on investment (ROI) for health and wellness programs.   I usually wear seat belts and  helmet.  I have run five marathons.

I support public health initiatives that are sensible, voluntary and cost effective.   

As your representative I have no business telling you to wear a helmet or to go jogging.  When Nanny State bills are introduced, I will always vote to preserve your individual liberties.

Freedom, industry, integrity and compassion all born of faith helped make  Americans the most prosperous people in the history of the world.

Our freedom came at a great price, paid by generations of brave Americans.  We owe it to our children to be responsible stewards of our land and our heritage of liberty.  

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