Promises Kept

Jim's Record 2011-2016

Big Government

As your representative I will resist throwing money and regulation at every perceived problem and work to roll back laws that are over-reaching or obsolete.  I will also support efforts to eliminate or trim back government agencies that have outlived their charter or are ineffective through a zero-based budget process.


1) Voted to repeal scores of fees and state regulations

2)  Voted to eliminate the state minimum wage and several unenforced election laws.

Free Enterprise

As your representative I will work to reduce taxes and regulations on business so they can begin hiring again.  


1) Helped to pass 43 new laws reducing regulation on businesses

2) Helped to pass into law three forms of business tax relief

3) Voted to eliminate outdated and unnecessary laws including restrictions on the sale of oleomargerine, artificial flowers and stove polish.  No longer is it a crime to buy or sell fewer than six chickens.

Property rights

As your representative I will also oppose the taking of private property except as provided for in the Constitution, by eminent domain and with fair compensation to the owner.


1) Authored key amendment to HB648 preventing a private company from taking private property for an electric generating plant or transmission line if not needed for system reliability. (ie: Northern Pass)

2) Helped pass a law affirming property rights of doctors and nurses to prevent the State from raiding private insurance funds.


Fiscal Policy and Taxes

As your representative I will only sign on to a budget that is frugal and balanced. 


1) Helped to pass historic balanced budget HB1&HB2 which cut spending by 11% with no downshifting, no gimmicks, no short-term funds, no new borrowing, no bonding of operating expenses and no new taxes.


Right to Work

As your representative I will support your right to work.

1) Worked to pass HB474 "Right-to-Work" bill (unfortunately vetoed)

2) Helped to pass into law repeal of "Card Check" and "Evergreen" laws

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

As your representative I will protect your right to keep and bear arms.


1) First vote in House was to repeal the gun ban in the State House

2) Voted for SB88 allowing a person to defend himself rather than being forced to retreat.

3) Helped pass into law restrictions on local governments from interfering with individual right to own knives.


Health Care

If elected as your representative, should Republicans at the federal level dismantle the flawed PPACA health care law, I will work for reforms in state law that make health care affordable and sustainable.


1) Voted to heep New Hampshire out of Obamacare


Parental Rights and Protecting Children

As your representative I will co-sponsor parental notification legislation that provides constitutional health protections and will oppose any bill that allows government to supplant parents.


1) Mission Accomplished!   Co-sponsored HB329 which passed into law after a veto override.  The law insures no medical procedures be performed on children and kept secret from parents.  NH will no longer be an abortion magnet where rapists can cover up their crimes.

2) Passed law requiring parental consent for a court to refer a child to a juvinile diversion program.


Personal Freedoms

As your representative I have no business telling you to wear a helmet or to go jogging.  When Nanny State bills are introduced, I will always vote to preserve your individual liberties.


1) Voted with majority to eliminate State database on uninsured citizens

2) Voted to protect the right of law abiding citizens to own and use knives

3) Helped pass law affirming property rights of doctors and nurses and to protect their funds from again being raided by the State.

Freedom, industry, integrity and compassion all born of faith helped make  Americans the most prosperous people in the history of the world.

Our freedom came at a great price, paid by generations of brave Americans.  We owe it to our children to be responsible stewards of our land and our heritage of liberty.  
Jim Parison
40 Old Rindge Rd
New Ipswich , NH , 03071
Phone: 603-878-5001
Jim Parison
40 Old Rindge Rd
New Ipswich , NH , 03071
Phone: 603-878-5001